Describing the illumiPure patented LED lighting technology as “evolutionary” is not hyperbole.

Why not?

Because, just as ILP’s patented antibacterial & fungicidal LED lighting technology eradicates the majority of the bacterial and fungal pathogens that pose increasing threats to our health and safety, our similarly patented agricultural grow light technology (illumiGrow) enhances the healthy and robust growth of the vegetables, herbs and medicinal biopharmaceuticals that make us healthy, significantly increasing yields.

The power to significantly increase yields by enhancing the growth of these critical bio-health products is not the only strength, of the patented LED technology featured in the illumiGrow line of products, however. The non-thermal food growth industry of greenhouses and vertical farms recognizes that keeping both the food growth and processing areas clean and void of infectious agents and harmful bacteria is just as important.

Despite the increase in recalls of product due to contamination of food products seen over the last several years, however, unfortunately, the most commonly used FDA-approved method to reduce food contamination is to add chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or other harsh disinfecting chemicals to processing water and/or processing equipment surfaces.

But, by combining both of illumiPure’s patented LED technologies, developing products that feature the growth enhancement benefit of the illumiGrow line of products with the patented disinfecting wavelength of our AB line hidden under the emitted white light, we are the first to offer a fully comprehensive solution to both of the issues facing interior green/grow houses.

When considering LED lighting solutions, the value for professional growers is determined by a combination of three variables - Crop specific proven recipes, μmol/W growth light efficiency, and per sq. ft. installation cost.

While most industry players focus mostly on advancing the μmol/W growth light efficiency, illumiPure’s LED technology is developed to offer competitive outcomes on all three critical fronts. illumiPure LED lighting technology is targeting for specific wavelength rather than red/blue or so called broadband illumination. Our targeted spectral tuning approach maximizes photosynthesis and/or other preferred chemical reactions in plants to optimize a build up of the biomass or chemical ingredients (e.g., medicinal and biopharmaceutical components) volume ratio in the plants. illumiPure’s LED packaging technology and in-house production, lamp manufacturing/fixture assembly provides growers access to turn-key hydroponic greenhouse and vertical farm (“urban farm”) technology and installation regardless of the various grow-houses’ output whether its lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and spices, greens, wheat, citrus or medicinal cannabis.

While controversial, this last item is important as recent reports indicate that, in the United States, cannabis is the leading legal cash crop dwarfing the lettuce market, which is the leading vegetable crop by value. Its no wonder, then that Bloomberg and other leading sources estimate that the legal cannabis and biopharmaceuticals market will grow from the current $7 billion to $50 billion by 2026.

In addition to substantially increasing yields, illumipure’s patented LED lighting technology can also be used as a simple and reliable sterilization tool in continuous operation throughout the food growing, transportation and sales chain. illumiPure’s LEDs have been proven in clinical trials to kill harmful bacteria and molds in the air, soft and hard surfaces. illumiPure’s innovative technology destroys pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms not just on food surfaces and packaging materials, but also continuously in post process treatment facilities for ready-to-eat products and displays in environments such as in grocery stores, delis, and butcher shops.

Since illumiPure’s LED lights are harmless to humans with the disinfecting wavelength hidden under the emitted white light, the technology allows for continuous 24/7 disinfection. This approach requires no additional training, and results in a much cleaner environment, displays and safer food products than traditional cleaning routines, without the use of harmful chemicals and detergents like bleach. This additional level of disinfection from illumiPure’s lights can also reduce insurance costs and legal expenses from recalls and lawsuits.

illumiPure's New illumiGrow LED Grow Lights Proven Yields