Our illumiGrow™ Agricultural Grow LEDs  feature our patented broadband, single light spectrum that has been developed and tested for over five years to suppress and emphasize different areas of light depending on the absorption curves of individual plants, crops & agricultural products. This patented light spectrum increases biomass, controls flowering, assists in killing of bacteria and micro molds, and increases pollination rates by altering the plant’s chemical substance.

Our illumiGrow™ Agricultural Grow LEDs provide optimum overlap with the absorption of chlorophyll molecules to reach proven preeminent growth efficiency and crop yield. Our All-in-One LED package technology provides the fully required single illumination spectrum and enables lighter, highly reliable economical grow lights. Their usage benefits multiple applications including: (Photo Button Boxes Listed Below – As Is Done on Disinfection Applications Page. See Photo Chart 10-11 for details on each photo to be used)

Commercial Greenhouses
Vertical Farms
Home Grown
Offices / Atriums
Crop Agnostic

illumiPure's New illumiGrow LED Grow Lights Proven Yields