illumiPure’s “illumiGrow” technology creates individual light spectra specifically tuned for use with individual crops and plant needs.

Over 5 years of our research & development have allowed us to develop unique and patented light spectra suppress or emphasize different areas of light depending on the absorption curves of individual plants and crops. By effectively coding the light spectrum to an agricultural product’s individual needs, illumiGrow™’s LED Grow Lights provide a patented technology that allows for so much more than just increased crop yields.


Initial light spectra were developed to: illumiGrow™ Patented LED Wavelength can alter crop growth characteristics:


illumiGrow™ LED lights offer much a higher lifetime usage and energy efficiency versus traditional HIS/HPS lamps traditionally used in greenhouses and grow light applications. Ina addition to the possibility of targeted automation to increase crop yields, illumiGrow LED grow lights provide rapid payoff on investment as growers can noticeably reduce their high electricity costs (one of the primary cost centers for growers) while boosting crop quality and yield, thereby increasing overall productivity.

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Just as important as efficient food production is food hygiene and safety. Efficient elimination of harmful molds and bacteria is vital in the greenhouse and vertical growing market as consumers require produce that is ready-to-eat, preservative-free and with a long shelf life.

By combining our patented illumiPure™ disinfection LED wavelength technology with the illumiGrow patented wavelength technology, we can provide coverage on both fronts with one LED package.

Our LEDs provide optimum overlap with the absorption of chlorophyll molecules to reach proven preeminent growth efficiency and crop yield. Our All-in-One LED package technology provides the full required illumination spectrum and enables lighter, highly reliable economical grow lights. Pesticidal effects based on short wavelength blue and UV radiation can be further integrated even in a single package.

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