Grow Products

Our illumiGrow™ series is based on our patented technology to provide efficient grow light conditions in green houses, grow rooms & vertical farms. Options for package, power and spectrum enable flexible luminaire designs for optimum crop results. Custom spectrum solutions are available for photobiomodulation and photopharmacology.

PRODUCT PACKAGE TECHNOLOGY (#CHIPS) Vf (V) If (mA) PAR EFFIENCY (umol/w) Contact for Further/Pricing Information



2.7…3.5 V

350 mA

up to 340 umol/u CONTACT
5630 PLCC


2.8…3.3 V

120 mA

up to 340 umol/u CONTACT


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS POWER PAR EFFIENCY (umol/w) Specs Sheet Contact for Further/Pricing Information
High power grow light for large area grow rooms. Modular design with external L=600, L=1200, L=1500 mm x, W=150 mm 100 / 150 / 200 W up to 340 umol/u CONTACT
Standard T8 Tubes for grow lights L=600, L=900, L=1200, L=1500 mm 11 / 17 / 20 / 30 W up to 340 umol/u CONTACT