Welcome to illumiPure

illumiPure (ILP) began as a joint venture between Lumichip LTD and NEUTEX LED Lighting. The marriage of these two companies merged Lumichip's evolutionary, patented antibacterial and fungicidal LED light chip evolutionary technology with NEUTEX's well established domestic manufacturing facilities and capabilities. This union has formed a truly unique and transformative company that is poised to change the way lighting, healthcare, sustainability and technology affect the world.

Our patented Antibacterial and Fungicidal LED light fixtures are specifically designed to fight against hospital-acquired infections (such as MRSA), food borne illness and everyday germs.

In addition, illumiPure offers similar evolutionary technology in our LED Horticulture Grow Lights which offer much higher lifetime and energy efficiency versus traditional HIS/HPS lamps traditionally used in greenhouses, as well as the possibility of increased automation to increase crop yields. illumiPure LED grow lights provide rapid payoff on investment as growers can strikingly reduce their high electricity costs (one of the primary cost centers for growers) and boost quality as well as productivity.

The product possibilities realized by our ability to apply the LED chip technology to existing fixture designs mean that customers can experience an almost seamless integration period with no noticeable aesthetic changes. Our product efficacy, has been proven effective through empirical evidence, lab testing and trials, and customer testing. We are now ready for a first-to-market product launch that fills an immediate need for disinfection control across a broad spectrum of industries.

illumiPure’s efficient laboratory-to-manufacturing process delivers commercial scalability and a high-level of quality control housed right on site. We expect to be seen as a Worldwide Leader in the development and manufacture of this evolutionary disinfecting LED lighting technology.

Our Leadership, is driven by scientific intellect and manufacturing know-how comprised of over 75 combined years in the industries. We seek to convey an enlightened perspective and understanding that will empower not only our highly talented and motivated employees to deliver desired long-term outcomes to each client, but also our educated and responsible customer base to achieve their lighting goals.

Initially, NEUTEX LED Lighting was contracted by ILP to manufacture the luminaires and bulbs with Lumichip’s embedded LED chip technology. However, since NEUTEX’s Houston, Texas based LED research and development laboratory (NTX Labs) and manufacturing factory (NEUTEX LED Lighting) has the capacity to manufacture and fill all projected orders ILP has engaged in a fully partnered deal wherein they will manufacture the LED chip packets on-site at NEUTEX, while NEUTEX will handle the manufacturing of the luminaires and bulbs.

This way, all operations from research and development work at NTX Labs to the manufacturing of the final products to quality control and testing is co-located and housed on the same property.