Made in America

Making the highest quality product requires integrating design, testing, and manufacturing, combined with direct oversight from leadership, ensuring processes are followed and the best components are used. 

All illumiPure product is American made and we’re headquartered in Houston, TX. American manufacturing doesn’t just make a better product, it’s the right thing to do.


illumiPure products are American made, so we can provide you with
high quality indoor environments for live, work, and play.

Intergrated Production

Integrating research, engineering, manufacturing, and quality control allows us to make custom solutions for your business quickly and cost-effectively.

Direct Oversight

Having the people responsible for device invention and engineering local and on-site allows for an unmatched level of training and product knowledge.

Supporting Our Community

American-made isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle. The decision to produce in America is about our belief that directly benefitting our community is as important as ever.

Seamless product from invention to testings

How our customers benefit from single site production

illumiPure believes American-made brings untold value to the quality of products being manufactured.

It starts by allowing innovation, manufacturing, and testing to occur in close proximity and receive live feedback from each other. illumiPure products are not developed by a single person. Instead, they go through iterations based on consistent employee feedback. This process ends with efficient products installed as easily as a light fixture.

For our customers, this means illumiPure can work with you and your business directly for a custom solution. Sales and manufacturing work hand-in-hand to create new and innovation products when required by code or desire.

Leadership that matters

How direct oversight makes products even better

illumiPure doesn’t just make devices. Our employees invent technologies, test theories, evaluate decades of research, and handcraft products that lead the way to a healthy building.

Products like illumiPure devices, which are made in America with a local workforce, ensure consistent communication and that every employee understands not just how to make a product but why the product is made that way.

Direct oversight also ensures that no shortcuts are taken. Products, such as LEDs, can be evaluated daily by industry experts for quality so that every product that leaves our facility lives up to its years-long warranty. 

Supporting our community

Why made in America is a core value and the right thing to do

Our founders built illumiPure as a company where all components are made in America because they recognized it was the only way to achieve the product quality they desired. In addition, they knew that manufacturing in America and working with other local, American businesses would allow for partnerships to make products quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

But most importantly, we believe made in America helps every American by supporting our economy. When we work with local partners, 68% of sales stay in the local economy. 

illumiPure is an advocate for all America made businesses and works with local and national governments to support benefits for American-made products.

Science-backed and
real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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