Air Guardian Receives CARB Certification

Air Guardian Receives CARB Certification

This week, all 11 versions of illumiPure’s Air Guardian received their California Air Review Board (CARB) certification. CARB certification is the most stringent review in the United States to ensure air purification devices are safe for in-room occupants and produce little to no Ozone (O3).

Air Guardian is illumiPure’s industry-leading air purification and disinfection UVGI device, capable of sub-second elimination of pathogens and particulates.

“CARB has recognized what illumiPure has always known,” said CEO of illumiPure, John Higgins “That the Air Guardians purpose is to make spaces healthier, not to eliminate pathogens but to replace them with safe, clean air.”

CARB certification adds to illumiPure’s safety certifications including CE, ETL, and FDA.

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