Scientists have studied the application of blue-light (in the visible-spectrum just above ultraviolet wavelengths) for over a decade – especially in certain fields, such as healthcare.

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illumiPure executives visit Washington D.C. to talk small business, CHIPS, and local representation.

Earlier this week, illumiPure executives headed to Washington D.C. to have a series of meetings with members of Congress, Senators, and the Department of Commerce,

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Go illumiPink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today, illumiPure announced a new pink casing for Vertices AQS in support of breast cancer awareness month and stated that a portion of every Vertices

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Partnerships make illumiPure the Fastest Growing Business in Houston.

Yesterday, illumiPure was awarded the fastest growing business in Houston at the Houston Business Journal Fast 100 Awards.  Since 2017, illumiPure has shown tremendous revenue

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Grüezi! Medsource joins illumiPure to Make European Air Healthier

"Today is an exciting day for illumiPure," says CEO, John Higgins. "Everytime we get to expand our global footprint, we get closer to the goal

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Air Guardian Receives CARB Certification

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Premier LogiTech Signs as Latest Domestic illumiPartner

This week illumiPure and Premier LogiTech signed an agreement with Premier to become an official carrier of illumiPure products. According to their website, "Premier LogiTech

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illumiPure awarded worldwide patent for CleanWhite technology

On March 15th, illumiPure was officially awarded its worldwide patent on CleanWhite technology, promoting safety through light-based disinfection in medical, educational, and commercial environments for

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illumiPure and Wirepas partner to increase visibility of Indoor Air Quality.

Wirepas Massive, a unique mesh connectivity software provider, was selected by illumiPure as the IoT provider for Vertices Air Quality System ( Vertices AQS), illumiPure's

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illumiPure CEO Gives Insights on IAQ for Senior Care Communities

This week illumiPure's CEO, John Higgins, gave his insights on IAQ best practices to iAdvance Senior Care. Mr. Higgins relied on one of illumiPure's core

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illumiPure supports German Commerce events in America

illumiPure, in conjunction with illumiPartner AirKlar, supported two events celebrating the relationship between American and German commerce by providing our portable air purification solution  (The

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illumiPure Honored as one of Houston’s Most Innovated Businesses

illumiPure has been selected as one of Houston 2021 most innovative companies. To be considered, Houston-area companies must have been in business for a minimum

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South Carolina School District Outfits Classrooms with Air Guardian Purification Systems

illumiPure's Air Guardian was selected by the Fort Mill School District in South Carolina to assist in COVID-19 mitigation as their students return to school.

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illumiPure selects Violeds UV-C LEDs for Disinfection and Purifications

illumiPure made the news this week as we officially selected Seoul Violeds as our UV-C LED partner for disinfection and purification within the Air Guardian.

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illumiPure & Partners recognized for work on Air Guardian

illumiPure, Future Electronics, Seoul Viosys, and SETi were all recognized this week in Commercial Construction and Renovation Magazine for their combined efforts on the Air

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Air Guardian to be installed at Fresno Community Centers & Fire Stations

illumiPure's industry-leading air purification system, Air Guardian, has been selected as the air purification to be installed in Fresno, CA. Air Guardian will be used

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