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Scientists have studied the application of blue-light (in the visible-spectrum just above ultraviolet wavelengths) for over a decade – especially in certain fields, such as healthcare.

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5 Effective Ways to Enhance Air Quality for Free

As advocates for healthier indoor environments, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal air quality in every indoor setting. Delving into the realm of air quality improvement beyond the realm of air purifiers can be perplexing. In specific scenarios, such as within office spaces, recognizing subpar air quality might be apparent, even if you’re not directly responsible. In this article, we will elucidate a selection of cost-free strategies that anyone can adopt to kickstart the journey toward breathing cleaner and healthier air.

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Air Quality in the Workplace: How HR Departments can Ensure a Safe and Healthy Environment

Human resource departments are critical in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. As employers look to have their workforce return to offices, creating an optimal

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How illumiPure’s Air Guardian and CleanWhite fight fungi and mold.

With Air Guardian® and CleanWhite®, a unique combination of technologies can be added to remove fungi and mold from indoor environments.

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Air Guardian Receives CARB Certification

This week, all 11 versions of illumiPure’s Air Guardian received their California Air Review Board (CARB) certification.

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South Carolina School District Outfits Classrooms with Air Guardian Purification Systems

illumiPure's Air Guardian was selected by the Fort Mill School District in South Carolina to assist in COVID-19 mitigation as their students return to school.

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