Grüezi! Medsource joins illumiPure to Make European Air Healthier

“Today is an exciting day for illumiPure,” says CEO, John Higgins. “Everytime we get to expand our global footprint, we get closer to the goal of providing everyone clean indoor air.”

MedSource GmbH, a company experienced in medical sterilization technology based in Zug, Switzerland, has chosen illumiPure as one of its core product lines, and seeks to provide all of Western Europe with quality products that produce healthy buildings. 

“Europe has seen disproportionate loss from Covid-19 due to our current population trends, and thus has become hyper aware of need to increase air quality, both indoors and outdoors,” said David Eikamp, Managing Director of MedSource. “Proven, well-engineered, solutions, like illumiPure’s Air Guardian will give Europeans peace of mind that they can return to everyday life safely.

“David brings the energy and knowledge that we look for every day in an illumiPartner,” said Steve Hartstein, Director of Global Business Development at illumiPure. “He brings with him the kind of passion for human safety and happiness that can’t help but get you excited. I know he’s going to return to Switzerland and be successful because he has learned how our products work so quickly, and that is a testament to his education and determination.

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