illumiPure and Wirepas partner to increase visibility of Indoor Air Quality.

Wirepas Massive, a unique mesh connectivity software provider, was selected by illumiPure as the IoT provider for Vertices Air Quality System ( Vertices AQS), illumiPure’s new indoor/outdoor air quality monitor and building systems control.

Wirepas mesh network technology will allow a single enterprise user to see and control one or a thousand rooms simultaneously, combining deep analytics of air quality monitoring into a compact and clear user interface.

Air purification has been thrust into the spotlight because of COVID-19. Still, it has become a genuine concern for the foreseeable future, with companies looking for better solutions to keep their spaces clean. Currently, many institutions, even hospitals, rely on old systems that are taxed with purifying spaces beyond their ability, without a clear picture of what’s truly going on in the air. For the first time, with illumiPure’s solutions, these institutions have a clear picture of not only what’s in their air but the ability to provide continuous and powerful disinfection to safely eradicate surface and air pathogens, as well as viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, while continuously dispersing clean ambient air into the room, so purified air is constantly being recycled and regenerated.

“Now more than ever, there’s a clear and urgent need for solutions like ours to help in the fight to prevent major diseases. Thanks to our partnership with Wirepas, we’re able to offer our solution to institutions in a scalable and reliable way like never before,” says John Higgins, CEO of illumiPure.

“Without Wirepas, illumiPure would have to rely on a competing technology, which only allows a 1-to-1 connection and is hard to scale to cover large areas,” said Higgins.

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