illumiPure supports German Commerce events in America

illumiPure, in conjunction with illumiPartner AirKlar, supported two events celebrating the relationship between American and German commerce by providing our portable air purification solution  (The Portable by Air Guardian).

illumiPure products were featured at German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC) Oktoberfest in Houston, TX, and the South Gala in Atlanta, GA. According to the GACC, its mission is “to promote German-American business relations and to support trade and investment between Germany and the United States.”


“The German people always been been known for our excellence in engineering,” said AirKlar President Bernhard Arlt. “It is a privilege to partner with a company like illumiPure to bring such a wonderful, timely, and well-engineered product to the people of Germany of when the world needs it most. 


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