illumiPure welcomes leading Texas HVAC provider, A&E Solutions Group, as latest partner

We are excited to announce that A&E Solutions Group, a prominent HVAC supplier serving the United States, has joined illumiPure as our latest partner. This partnership provides access to top-quality indoor air quality solutions to customers across the region.

“The way A&E Solutions Group operates is everything we look for in a partner. They are involved, hands-on with their customers, and constantly searching for better ways to serve them,” said illumiPure CEO, John Higgins. “For years, they’ve followed best practices to optimize building health and energy efficiency, and illumiPure is proud to be their latest product line.

By combining our cutting-edge technologies for air quality monitoring, air purification, and disinfection, with A&E Solutions’ expertise in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair, we provide our clients with the most effective and efficient solutions for creating safe, safe, healthy, and comfortable indoor environments.

“By adding illumiPure products to our catalog, we are able to offer building owners the most comprehensive and technologically advanced suite of HVAC devices on the market today.” said, Jaime Sanchez, owner of A&E Solutions Group. “For decades, we have improved building occupant health through industry-leading ventilation equipment. With illumiPure products, we can now treat localized IAQ problems and assist with infection control.”

Our joint efforts will not only benefit our customers but also contribute to our shared goal of promoting public health and sustainability through innovative building technologies. We look forward to working together to impact the communities we serve positively.

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