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Long-term care and assisted living facilities are expected to have the greatest concern over the transmission of infectious diseases. In an environment where the incidence of infection is high and the occupants frequently interact with each other in close quarters, epidemiologists and industry experts recommend more aggressive and strategic infection prevention methods such as ones provided by illumiPure products. 

illumiPure's Product Suite is here to protect your patients and employees when they need it the most

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The most vulnerable patients deserve the best care

illumiPure products for vulnerable populations and facilties

illumiPure’s healthy buildings product lines meet Healthy Building and infection control expectations by providing devices and services that help purify the air, disinfect surfaces, and monitor for invisible environmental threats. 

Facilities can start by monitoring their indoor and outdoor air quality with Vertices AQS, identifying times when allergies may be high to take steps to promote tenant health, like having exercise classes indoors instead of outdoors.

IAQ measurement will allow operations and facilities managers to identify microscopic threats, such as pathogens, that may negatively impact tenants. In those areas, turn to Air Guardian to treat the air in these spaces, ensuring your tenants breathe purified air and will not experience additional negative health symptoms.

Communal surfaces may also pose a risk for disease spread. In these areas, install CleanWhite to safely and continuously disinfect surfaces such as tables, restrooms, and doorknobs. 

Together, the illumiPure suite of products provides an umbrella of safety, ensuring your tenants are in the healthiest indoor space possible.

Infection control facts for assisted living facilities


The number of COPD emergency room visits each year1


Compared to previous years, the current RSV hospitalization rate

for senior citizens this year (2022)2


The percent of senior citizens living with asthma,

chronic bronchitis, or emphysema3


The average age at which immune systems

begin to deteriorate4

Create a facility that promotes health and wellness

Efficiently provide a healthy building for your staff and tenants

illumiPure products allow assisted living facilities to focus on what matters the most; interaction with the tenants.

illumiPure’s signature product, the Air Guardian, removes the expense and labor of air purification by developing the first UVGI air purification system that does not require a filter and has been certified by CARB and UL 2998 to produce no ozone.

Automate your Air Guardian with Vertices AQS, illumiPure’s air quality monitoring system, to help run your infection control without effort.

Increase the pathogen killing power of your facility by combining air purification products with CleanWhite to create an environment where air and surface pathogens are continuously and safely eliminated without needing manual labor.

Take advantage of illumiPure’s 30,000 hour-limited warranty on most products for years of worry-free disinfection and purification.

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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