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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, commercial building owners and tenants have faced a new wave of construction, maintenance, and employment challenges. To hire and retain the best candidates, employers must provide an environment that is safe and attractive to employees. 

illumiPure products lead the healthy buildings movement and assist in creating an indoor environment that is certified for it’s health and wellness.

illumiPure's healthy building product suite brings innovative health and wellness solutions to protect your building and occupants.

Healthy Buildings

We’re called the healthy buildings company for a reason. See how our products maximize the wellness of any indoor space.

Building Certification

illumiPure products help certify your structure for LEED, WELL Building, FitWell, and many others. Read on below for more information.

Automated Disinfection

We strive to make occupant health simple and cost-effective. Automate your IAQ monitoring, disinfection, and purification with the illumiPure suite. 

Every person deserves a healthy building

How illumiPure creates building health and wellness

Healthy buildings create value for everyone who interacts with the structure. They drive increased rents, raise employee attendance, reduce allergens and pathogens, and increase focus. 

illumiPure products are designed to monitor for threats to the indoor environment and then treat those threats to optimize the health and wellness of indoor occupants. Our solutions help building owners and tenants meet building certifications and employee standards for air quality monitoring, disinfection, and purification.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (Vertices AQS)

Indoor air quality monitoring allows for informed decision making about your building health. Low IAQ indicate HVAC problems, such as dirty air ducts, or larger structure problems, such as mold growth. Vertices AQS is the most comprehensive solution to learn about your indoor environment and potential threats from pathogens, particulates, and VOCs. It also allows for the automation of other illumiPure devices to reduce the labor associated with IAQ management.

Air Purification (Air Guardian)

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees have placed an increased focus on their health and the air quality of their workspace. As a result, healthy buildings typically yield increased rents. 


illmiPure’s Air Guardian product line provides high-intensity UVGI in a patented airflow chamber, providing disinfection and purification in a ceiling-mounted or portable device without needing a filter. Then, the Air Guardian’s directional airflow helps ensure every room occupant breathes purified air. 


Surface Disinfection (CleanWhite)

In any building’s restrooms or kitchens, bacteria as well as mold growth on surfaces can lead to illness and odors. illumiPure’s CleanWhite technology is the world’s first patented white light disinfection system that is safe and effective while the room is occupied.

Use CleanWhite in any room to disinfect surfaces without disturbing room occupants at work or play.

Infection control facts for commercial buildings


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in a well-ventilated building1


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that is a spent on employees2


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The amount of productivity lost for every

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Cerify your building as one of the best

illumiPure products for building certification

Since all illumiPure products are designed and manufactured in the United States, we had the ability to create a product suite that not only is highly efficient at disinfection but one that is energy efficient.

All illumiPure products maintain high energy efficiency, but you can increase it further by combining any illumiPure product with Vertices AQS, illumiPure’s air quality measuring and monitoring device, to set parameters for use, such as time of day, or VOC levels.

This integration will also assist in receiving your LEED v.4 credit for IAQ assessment credit, including testing for VOCs. Overall, the illumiPure suite may provide up to 6 points towards the Indoor Environmental Quality and additional points in optimizing energy performance.

Similarly, the illumiPure suite provides various benefits towards WELL Certification, including Air Quality, Ventilation Design, Enhanced Air Quality, Enhanced Ventilation Design, Air Filtration, and Enhanced Supply Air. 

Set, Forget, and Eliminate

Automate your disinfection regime

Although the illumiPure suite was designed to consistently and safely destroy pathogens and particulates 24/7, many commercial structures are occupied far less. 

illumiPure’s Vertices AQS automates other illumiPure devices, such as the Air Guardian or CleanWhite. Set parameters based on time or IAQ conditions, such as carbon monoxide or particulate matter. If a critical situation arises, set a notification using the Vertices AQS web or mobile app to inform facilities management directly.

Plus, since illumiPure products come with a 30,000-hour warranty and do not require filters, use these settings for years without worry or consistent labor costs.

Science-backed and
real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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