Dental offices have a responsibility to their clients and employees to provide a safe and healthy working environment. They face unique challenges because the nature of their work inherently reduces the quality of their indoor air.

illumiPure’s product suite helps meet these challenges by providing innovative Healthy Building solutions.

Use illumiPure Products to monitor and disinfect your dental office

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Monitor and mitigate infection risks

illumiPure products for dental offices

illumiPure’s suite of products help support your infection control plan by providing monitoring and dynamic disinfection systems for room air and surfaces. 

Our solutions assist dental offices in helping to reduce pathogens that are prevalent in dental practices. 

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Understanding microscopic threats is a necessary component in developing an infection control plan. illumiPure products, such as Vertices AQS, can monitor and measure key statistics about your indoor environment and potential threats from pathogens, particulates, and VOCs.

Air Purification

The nature of dentistry inherently leads to consistent pathogens and particulates in droplet and aerosolized form. This needs to be matched by continuous and localized air purification to help provide a healthy environment for patients and staff.

illumiPure’s Air Guardian provides continuous downward directional airflow and active UVGI air purification to help eliminate pathogens and reduce illness as part of an infection control program.

Surface Disinfection

In the last decade, dental offices have used technology to enhance tool disinfection.

Let illumiPure’s CleanWhite technology help disinfect the remainder of the office’s surfaces with our patented white light disinfection LEDs. CleanWhite can be used on any surface continuously and safely without disruption.

Infection control facts for dental professionals


The known number of pathogens

found in dental plaque1


Dentists and dental assistants rank number one for the

poorest air quality by profession2

PM 2.5

Is double the EPA standard on average

in a dental cleaning area3

Over 99%

The percentage of surfaces in dental clinics before and after

treatment contaminated by a bacterial species4

A suite of products that keep everyone smiling

How illumiPure products benefit dental offices, staff, and patients

illumiPure products were developed so dental offices could safely and cost-effectively provide a healthy indoor environment to their staff and patients.   

The illumiPure product suite has removed the expense and labor of air purification by developing the first UVGI air treatment system that does not require a filter and is UL 2998-certified to produce no ozone.

Combine air purification products with ultra-safe white light disinfection to create a dental office where air and surface pathogens are continuously and safely eliminated without needing manual labor.

Use illumiPure’s Vertices AQS to enhance energy efficiency by creating parameters of use for your disinfection toolkit. 

Plus, most illumiPure products have a 30,000-hour limited warranty. That’s over three years of worry-free disinfection and protection.

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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