From active military to community centers, there are a multitude of reasons for government agencies to create healthy indoor environments. Governments are often placed in unique situations where provide healthcare or safety quickly or in a mobile environment.

illumiPure products are uniquely suited to provide safe and continuous air purification and surface disinfection in any government application, whether civilian or military. 

Government buildings & military structures must run on a 24/7 cycle. Keeping employees safe and healthy is a critical component of their success.

Active Military

illumiPure products are uniquely suited for mobile healthcare situations that require quick and continuous disinfection

Veterans Hospitals

Protect those who protected us by creating hospitals with active UVGI solutions and white light disinfection

Government Buildings

Eliminate potential threats when you equip critical government buildings with the ability to monitor air quality.

Community Centers

Vulnerable populations need solutions to ensure their environments are at low risk for spreading diseases.

Create a mobile healthcare station quickly

illumiPure products for active military personnel

Whether in an active military situation or a humanitarian crisis, mobile healthcare facilities are a necessity to provide needed care.  

After the initial facility is set up, monitor air quality with Vertices AQS. Vertices makes the invisible visible and allows you to see if any air quality readings, such as particulate matter or VOCs, will increase the risk of surgery or other medical procedures.

Purify and disinfect the air with Air Guardian, providing clean and continuous airflow in either our standard or Portable device, based on your facility’s needs. Air Guardian can help remove and eliminate pathogens are part of an infection control program.

Use CleanWhite, illumiPure’s patented ultra-safe white light disinfection LED lighting units to provide continuous and safe disinfection inside the mobile medical center. CleanWhite is a unique lighting solution that is safe for use during medical procedures while providing white, disinfecting lighting for medical professionals.

A healthy hospital for those that served

illumiPure products for veterans

The VA is the largest healthcare organization in America, serving over nine million veterans. With increasing rates of veterans being seen daily, infection control plans are critical to mitigate disease spread between patients, illumiPure products are designed to eliminate pathogens as part of your healthcare systems infection control protocols.

Start by monitoring indoor air quality with Vertices AQS and then set parameters within the app to activate Air Guardian, illumiPure’s UVGI air purification system. Air Guardian not only eliminates pathogens, but also removes the cost and labor of filter replacement through its patented chamber.

Use CleanWhite to eliminate pathogens, molds, and fungus on surfaces, helping to reduce pathogens that frequently cause surgical site infections. 

Help protect those who have spent their life protecting us.

Infection control facts for government agencies


The United States VA is the largest healthcare

provider in the United States1


The number of countries on average where the

United States is providing humanitarian aid2


The increase in tuberculosis cases among

incarcerated individuals since 20003

$40 Billion

Funding allocated towards

biodefense since 20014

Protect elected officials and vulnerable populations

illumiPure Products for Government Buildings

Whether dealing with unique threats in a government building where a bioterrorism plan is necessary or dealing with vulnerable populations where infectious diseases are highly prevalent, having an infection control program for government agencies should be mandatory.

Start by monitoring for airborne and aerosolized threats and with Vertices AQS, illumiPure’s indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring device.

When aberrant particulate matter levels are identified, combine Vertices AQS with Air Guardian to eliminate pathogens and particulates as part of your infection control plan. Automate this process by setting IAQ standards on the Vertices AQS web and mobile application.

Finally, use CleanWhite, illumiPure’s patented ultra-safe white light disinfection LEDs, to provide continuous and safe disinfection inside any government building. All-day surface disinfection will help provide government staff with a productive work environment that has lower infection risks.


Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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