Whether at big-box stores, large shopping malls, or small storefronts, customers and staff are exposed to an ever-changing population of shoppers, often in close proximity and high numbers. In these types of shared spaces, protective measures are essential. The built environment of many retail spaces is often conducive to disease transmission – from the air and frequently touched surfaces.

illumiPure’s continuous air and surface disinfection solutions are an important part of keeping shoppers safer in retail establishments.

Show your customers their health is important by creating a
Healthy Building with illumiPure products


Active UVGI systems combined with disinfecting lights that don’t affect food stores create safe spaces in your essential business

Malls and Retailers

Create a Healthy Building with IAQ monitoring, air purification, and surface disinfection to provide a premium shopping experience

Make every aisle a healthy one

illumiPure products for supermarkets and grocery stores

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that supermarkets are the backbone of essential businesses. With thousands of visitors daily, your grocery store must be the pinnacle of health. Maintaining a healthy building, including healthy indoor air quality, is essential for your staff to serve customers and keep product products on shelves daily.

Use Vertices AQS to monitor indoor air quality while creating air purification standards for your building. Then, enact those standards automatically by using Air Guardian, illumiPure’s patented Active UVGI air purification system, to provide continuous directional airflow to the critical places of your business where customers and staff interact, such as cash registers.

Simultaneously, illumiPure’s patented white light disinfection system, CleanWhite, is an antimicrobial light that can be used safely and continuously on all surfaces, including fruits, vegetables, and even dairy. Use CleanWhite throughout your supermarket to ensure products are being disinfected after every customer touch.

Infection control facts for supermarkets and retailers

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The excess distance airborne

pathogens can travel1


How much worse indoor air quality frequently 

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The wavelength of light most damaging to dairy

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The number of chemicals used to make tires

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The newest way to provide a premium shopping experience

illumiPure products for malls and retailers

At a time when more retail purchases are happening online than ever, what can business owners do to maintain in-store traffic? Look at almost every list of reasons customers prefer to shop online, and you will find health and safety as a top concern.

Provide your customers with a premium shopping experience by highlighting illumiPure products as part of your client’s customer experience. Let them know that part of the shopping experience is the purest environment for them to peruse the latest styles and trends. 

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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