Products that light the way to indoor health and wellness

illumiPure’s product suite turns any structure into a Healthy Building by improving air quality, eliminating pathogens in the air and on the surface, and monitoring for invisible threats. Easy to use, IoT capable, and safety certified, illumiPure’s line of products create structures where people want to live, work, and play.

Healthy Building Product Lines

Vertices AQS

Air Quality Monitoring

Perfect for commercial and residential usage, Vertices AQS provides integrated indoor and outdoor air quality measurement and monitoring in easy-to-use web and mobile apps. Combine with other ILP products for IoT capability and device automation. 

Air Guardian®

Air Purification & Disinfection

A safe, sealed upper room UVGI fixture that replaces and disinfects all room air within minutes. UL-2998 certified and IoT capable, the Air Guardian provides air purification, disinfection, and directional airflow in your most important spaces. 


Continuous Surface Disinfection

Patented surface disinfection technology uses white-light LED illumination to kill pathogens by dramatically increasing visible light energy at wavelengths known to kill most microbial species on any surface, substrate, organic media, or biofilm (including SARS-COV-2).

Air Guardian Plus

Air Purification and Surface Disinfection

Simultaneously provide indoor air purification and surface disinfection in one easy-to-install device. The Air Guardian Plus takes advantage of two cornerstone illumiPure patented technologies to ensure your indoor environment is protected from pathogens. 

The Portable

Air Purification & Disinfection

The Portable is the first mobile air purification device that directly monitors and purifies upper room air, the part of the room most likely to contain pathogens. Then, The Portable delivers purified air directly to the breathing zone to ensure every breath is a fresh one. 


Natural Sunlike LEDs

Circadian lighting emulates the sun’s natural lighting by producing a visible light spectrum, unlike any other fixture. Enjoy a host of benefits, such as better sleep and eye health, when you make your indoor lighting as close as possible to your outdoor lighting.

Continuous disinfection solutions designed for our most vulnerable spaces, proven to kill >99% of pathogens

Vertices AQS

Making the invisible, visible

Everyone wants healthy spaces to live, work, and play, but how can you ensure an indoor environment is safe if you can’t measure what you can’t see?

Vertices AQS is a complete indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solution that measures everything from temperature and humidity to 1-micron particulates and VOCs. Gathering indoor air quality data from state-of-the-art sensors and outdoor air quality from partner data, Vertices delivers thorough air quality readings in an easy-to-understand dashboard available in mobile and web applications. 

IoT-capable, Vertices AQS is perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Use one in your home to learn about microscopic threats, or use hundreds to monitor and manage your entire Healthy Building systems from anywhere in the world. 

Vertices AQS also allows for the automation of other illumiPure devices by setting parameters and standards for their use.

Air Guardian

Experience true air purification without a filter

The Air Guardian is the first air purification that eliminates bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, and other pathogens and particulates without a filter. Eliminate the cost and labor of filter replacement and experience the next generation of air purification.

The Air Guardian combines the CDC-recommended principles of UVGI and directional airflow, then adds an additional layer of purification power in its patented air treatment chamber.

Guaranteed safe and effective, the Air Guardian has passed numerous tests and certifications, including UL-2998, which confirms it emits no ozone. Additional 3rd party testing on the Air Guardian’s effectiveness is available upon request.

The Air Guardian can be used in any commercial application and installs identically to a light fixture. Use the Air Guardian to improve air quality in any indoor area and earn additional points on your LEED, WELL, and many other building rating systems.

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Ultra-safe white light disinfection

CleanWhite is the first light-based surface disinfection system that is effective, 100% safe for human and animal exposure, and emits white light.

Decades of research have proven specific wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum have antimicrobial properties but historically have not been available in white light, making them inconvenient to be used when the room was occupied. illumiPure’s patented LED lighting fixtures use these same wavelengths but produce them in a white light format.

Use CleanWhite to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, and spores on surfaces while rooms are occupied. Create a healthier indoor space safely and continuously by beginning to eliminate pathogens the moment they appear.

Air Guardian Plus

Dual modality air purification & surface disinfection

Historically, business owners have had to choose multiple systems and processes to achieve complete indoor disinfection and monitoring. The Air Guardian Plus represents a comprehensive, single-unit solution that simultaneously eliminates pathogens from air and surfaces, continuously and safely.

The Air Guardian Plus combines illumiPure’s patented technologies inside the Air Guardian and CleanWhite to form a single device which eliminates pathogens from air and surfaces. It eliminates the cost and labor of filter replacements by using industry-leading LEDs with multi-year warranties to ensure your indoor environments are safe now and in the future.

The Air Guardian Plus can also be fitted with Vertices AQS to monitor air quality minute-to minute.

The Portable by Air Guardian

Mobile air purification

The Portable by Air Guardian was designed as the first mobile air purification device that addresses the two leading problems with mobile air purifiers today.

First, the Air Guardian Plus was designed to clean upper room air, the air which in typical rooms is the dirtiest and most likely to contain pathogens and particulates. Then, it emits clean air directly into the breathing zone, instead of ground level, to help ensure that room occupants are breathing the highest quality air available.

The Portable eliminates bacteria, viruses, molds, and spores, making it perfect for any mobile application, such as terminal cleaning, mold remediation, and parties or events.

Why air quality matters

The Air Guardian air purification systems have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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