SafeSense AI®

SafeSense AI is a plug-and-play device designed for complete environmental monitoring and leveraged AI insights. It operates seamlessly and without intrusion, anonymously detecting human presence and discreetly monitoring occupancy and utilizing spaghetti mapping tracking, all while measuring ambient and object temperature.

Effortlessly enhance the visibility, safety, and control within your environment as SafeSense AI harnesses the natural low resoluton of a thermal sensor, augmented by powerful AI processing to provide you with intellegence and data about your most important indoor spaces.

Core Features

Office Thermal

Heat Mapping

Occupant Counting

Occupant Counting

Occupancy Tracking

Occupant Tracking

Door Counting

Door Counting



Fall Detection

Fall Detection

Temperature Mapping

Temperature Mapping

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

The SafeSense AI Sensor

AI Enhanced Environmental Monitoring

SafeSense AI is available in commercial and residential models. Simply mount a sensor on your ceiling or in the corner of your room and immediately view begin receiving data, viewing your room through thermal imaging.

The commercial version of SafeSense AI runs on the PureGate system, using a mesh network that connects to the cloud through a cellular connection.

The sensor itself has a year limited warranty and is designed to withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

AI Enhanced Modules

Machine Learning meets IoT for alters and analytics

SafeSense AI uses artificial intelligence to learn about human and object behavior, creating rules that allow it to alert you when there is an anomaly in your indoor environment. 

By viewing thousands of thermal scenarios, SafeSense AI is only limited to your imagination. Whether you want to use SafeSense AI for fall alters, leak detection, or even know when your chocolate bars are getting too hot, SafeSense AI can learn the exact conditions you need it to recognize. 

Current AI enhanced modules include: Fall & man down alerts, Rodent detection, 911 alerts, Energy savings control, Fire detection, Flood & leak detection, Anomaly detection, and Asset Monitoring & Alerts.

Industries we serve

Fall & Man Down Alerts

Automatic EMS or internal notifications in critical situations

A fall represents a critical incident that must be responded to immediately. Whether it’s at an assisted living facility or a slip and fall at restaurant, management’s response will be critical in both legal compliance and perception on the facility.

SafeSense AI provides multiple alters for these scenarios. First, SafeSense AI can detect the presence of a fall. Then, if the person does not stand back up, SafeSense AI will detect that this person in a fallen position. SafeSense AI can determine the difference between sleeping and fallen positions, minimizing the potential for false alarms. 

Using your cloud dashboard, determine who on your staff needs to get alerts and notifications in these situations. Or, if neccessary, notify local EMS services for the quickest response times


Fire, Leak, and Flood Detection

Immediate warnings for infrastructure damage

Fire, leaks, and floods all bring temperature changes with them, making them easily detectable by SafeSense AI. 

Upon a location showing a temperature fluctuation, SafeSense AI will use its powerful history of machine learning to cross-reference the heat fluxuations and current temperature with previous situations to make a determination if the current readings are within normal parameters or if this event is a fire or water event.

Similar to other modules, users will be able to determine who gets alerts and when. SafeSense AI users can also work with first responders, such as firefighters, to make sure they are notified automatically in the event of a fire or flooding.

Energy Efficiency

Increase your understanding of hotspots and thermal efficiency

If you manage a facilities HVAC system, SafeSense AI can assist in providing all your tenants thermal comfort while helping save you on your energy bill. 

SafeSense AI provides customizable notifications for hot spots and energy control. Identify rooms that constantly remain above or below desired temperatures. Then use this data to work with your facilities management team, such as HVAC manager or construction engineer to improve energy usage in the building.

SafeSense AI can be used in specific locations, such as a closet that must be kept at a specific temperature or as part of your overall building infrastructure to ensure energy efficiency.


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