Vertices Air Quality System (AQS)

Complete indoor and outdoor air monitoring using state of the art sensors and view unified data in a mobile or web application.

No one can manage what they can't measure, so we developed Vertices AQS to measure everything you need to know about your indoor environment.

Vertices for Business

Provide employees with an unapparelled comfort knowing their indoor environment is clean while simultaneously allowing facilities managers and owners to make informed HVAC decisions.

Vertices for Home

Measure & monitor the environment where you and your family live. From understanding allergens and pet dander to how often your burn toast, Vertices shows what’s in every breath.

The Complete Solution

Whether for your home or business, Vertices AQS provides a complete solution, combining indoor and outdoor air quality measurement, with air purification and light building controls.

Lead the back to work movement

Vertices for business

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, both employers and employees have been working for a solution to return to work productively and safely. The Healthy Buildings movement has shown the best way to get employees back in a place of business where they are comfortable is to provide them with clean indoor air. That starts by understanding what’s in your indoor environment.

Vertices AQS provides the most complete picture of your overall air quality by capturing data that informs your infection prevention and/or employee wellness efforts. It doesn’t matter whether illness is coming from allergens or pathogens, Vertices AQS sees it all.

Vertices AQS is the only indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system that provides critical indoor and outdoor air quality statistics in a unified platform, while providing historical data for up to five years. This allows for smart decision making both in real-time and in policy planning.  

Make the invisible, visible

Complete air quality measurement

To truly understand air quality in your home or office, you must understand the air that’s currently indoors and the outdoor air arriving from your ventilation system.

Vertices AQS monitors and measures particulates in your home down to a .5-micron level while providing moment to moment updates on your local outdoor air quality.

Air Quality w Grey

Indoor Air Quality

Temperature with Grey


Humidity with Grey


VOCs with Grey


Particle Count with Grey

Particle Count

Particle Density with Grey

Particule Density

Carbon Monoxide with Grey

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide with Grey

Carbon Dioxide

Outdoor Air Quality with Grey

Outdoor Air Quality

Vertices for home

Vertices for the home and family

Between sleeping, watching TV, and other activities, the average American spends over fifty percent of their time in their home. This number has increased close to twenty percent since 2020. If you or your family members are affected by allergies, pollens, pet dander or have respiratory issues/diagnoses, it is vital to overall wellness to measure IAQ.

With its custom mobile and web app, Vertices AQS provides everyone in your family all the information they need to feel their best inside and outside the home. 

Combine Vertices AQS with Air Guardian, illumiPure’s air purification solution, to assist your family in eliminating:

  • Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens
  • Mold and fungal spores
  • Dust and pet dander
  • Allergens

Industries we serve

Outdoor measurement

Monitor outdoor air quality

In order to achieve high air quality at work or at home, you must understand the outdoor air you’re bringing in. Depending upon your living conditions, up to 10% of your air may be coming from your neighboring home or office. 

Vertices AQS provides real-time information on outdoor air quality across the world through our partnership with Breezometer, the world’s leader in outdoor air quality. 

Use Outdoor Air Quality measurement to make informed decisions about these questions:

  • What impact will turning on my HVAC system have on IAQ?
  • Should I take allergy medicine before I leave my home?
  • Should I open my patio for dining today or will dust and allergens negatively impact my customers?
  • Should gym or other classes be held outside or inside today?

Using information on outdoor air quality can provide you, your co-workers and customers, and your family higher wellbeing every single day.

Measuring, monitoring, and visualization

See why Vertices AQS is the complete air quality monitoring solution

Vertices AQS is the most complete air quality solution to understand your indoor environment. By providing indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and measurement, anyone can become an IAQ pro and understand how to provide the best indoor environment for your community.

Information is provided in a simple to understand, cloud-based application available for iPhone, Android, and web application. Historical data, which can be held for up to five years, allows for a complete visualization of historical information, and season over season changes. 

Warranty, Sizing, and Technical Information

Vertices AQS comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Multiple casings of the device are available including all-in-one and commercial versions.

Multiple colors are available to match any room of your home or office. 


Add IoT capability and automation to your purification
and disinfection suite with Vertices AQS

Vertices AQS bring building control tools to illumiPure’s Air Guardian and CleanWhite. Control Air Guardian Fan Speeds
and CleanWhite brightness with the click of a button through your Vertices AQS app. Plus, set automated timers to have
disinfection systems work based on time of day or microbes counts.

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