When is an in-duct HVAC system effective?

One of the most unique features of the Air Guardian is that is works independently of the HVAC system. 


Of course, we frequently run into building owners and operators who have in-duct UV-C solutions, and they wonder what additional benefits adding an Air Guardian might have. After all, they are already exposing air to a UV-C solution.


The use of UV-C lamps as an in-duct source of air disinfection within HVAC systems has been around for decades.

Dosage formular for efficacy of light based disinfection.

The formula above looks complicated, but in brief, making sure a pathogen is broken down effectively is a matter of dosage, which can roughly be thought of as time multiplied by intensity. The more intense the light, the shorter amount of time needed to be effective. 

At illumiPure, we have a saying “things only do well at what they were designed to do”, and this is true of both hVAC units and in room air purification system. Research has indicated that in-duct UV-C has been correlated to cleaner HVAC systems and higher-quality air flow. The correlation, however, with a clean HVAC and clean in room air, is not as high as we would imagine. Why is this?


It’s really quite simple. Things happen in the room, such as coughing, burning food, or heavy perfumes that the HVAC is not designed to handle. The HVAC system, after all, is designed to move large quantities of air to a room. It cares very little about the air quality in the individual room.   

Does illumiPure recommend in-duct UV-C?

Yes, for specific purposes.


We believe that building a system of structures that support indoor health is the right thing to do. For HVAC, this means putting UV-C close to in-duct coils, where they are continuously exposed to the UV-C. In-duct UV-C should not be used a complete methodology to 


A maintenance plan should also be developed to make sure these lights remain functioning.

Keeping your HVAC system clean is important, but don’t forget about the air the buildings occupants are breathing as well.


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