illumiPure core values start with environmental equality. While our devices focus on improving indoor spaces, we strive to increase health and well-being in all environments. This commitment starts by making products with reusable materials and continues through delivery by recycling packaging materials.

illumiPure products help serve your green and ESG initiatives by providing sustainable and cost-effective healthy building products.

illumiPure's sustainability platform

Sustainable Components

illumiPure products are designed to have replaceable and recyclable components, so you never have to buy a new device or waste the casing of your current products.

Energy Conservation

The illumiPure product suite is IoT capable, allowing you to control your illumiPure products remotely or with pre-set parameters to minimize energy usage.

Recycling Materials

Both in the office and during shipping, illumiPure take care to follow strict recycling protocols, allowing us to maximize our reuse of materials.

Components designed for a lifetime of use

illumiPure products and sustainability

illumiPure products are designed with sustainability in mind from their inception. Our technology uses precious metals, which means we must use these materials responsibly. 

All illumiPure products with precious metals are recyclable and replaceable at our American manufacturing facility. After their 30,000-hour usage, simply remove the component and send it back to us, and we will send you a new component. 

Your old component will be recycled into a new one for the next customer who wants to improve the health of their building occupants.

Energy efficient healthy building solutions

The illumiPure product suite and energy efficiency

Because illumiPure invents and manufactures products at our own American facilities, we can ensure that components are selected to maximize energy efficiency, including industry-leading LEDs. This allows us to make powerful devices while minimizing energy usage.

With the addition of Vertices AQS, illumiPure has added another layer of energy efficiency to its suite of products. With Vertices AQS, you can set parameters for using other illumiPure products. For example, you can set Air Guardian to activate whenever increased carbon monoxide levels are detected and deactivate when the level returns to normal.

 Direct supervision of product development combined with automation maximizes your ability to efficiently create a healthy building.

Programs designed with conservation in mind

illumiPure recycling and reuse programs

As a company focused on healthy indoor spaces, it should be no surprise that we consistently pay attention to our environmental footprint.

Environmental policies can be found both at our corporate offices and our manufacturing facility, where direct oversight from the executive team ensures they are consistently followed. 

One policy we are specifically proud of is our shipping policy. Just as important to us as making sure products are delivered on time, is the return of reusable materials for the next shipment. This policy alone is responsible for tons of materials being consistently reused instead of placed in a landfill.

Combining recycling and reuse policies with sustainable devices makes illumiPure devices perfect for your personal space and the environment.

Science-backed and
real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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