The education system represents a unique challenge for those who manage infection control and air quality. Every day, students with varying levels of health, vaccination status, and hygiene repeatedly interact, creating an environment primed for infectious disease transmission.

illumiPure solutions help continuously monitor air quality and eliminate pathogens across your school or campus.


illumiPure's products improve everyones lives in the education community


Keep attendance rates high by helping to reduce germs in their environment


Reduce teacher absences by continuously disinfecting air and surfaces

Facility Managers

Remove the cost and labor of filters for purification while keeping classrooms safe


Keep your children learning by providing a low allergen and pathogen environment

Keep students happy, healthy, and in their seats

How illumiPure products benefit students and parents

Student health, wellness, and safety are everyday discussions in education today. Creating a healthy learning environment allows students to focus on what’s happening in their classroom and increases attendance.

illumiPure products monitor classrooms for unseen threats, such as pathogens and allergens, which are one of the leading causes of student absenteeism. Then, by using CDC-recommended UVGI and science-backed light-based disinfection, the illumiPure suite creates an umbrella of safety that eliminates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19), spores, molds, and other allergens.

Parents can sleep soundly knowing their school system is doing everything possible to protect their children and create a healthy building. When students are healthy, parents experience less disruption in their daily lives.

Create a space that allows teachers to focus on education

How illumiPure products benefit teachers

Consistency is necessary for students to be properly educated, and a stable workforce is part of consistency. By creating a healthy building with illumiPure products, indoor educational environments will continuously and passively eliminate millions of pathogens and allergens.

At a time when teacher shortages are happening across the country, it’s never made more sense to invest in technology that will keep educators happy and healthy. 

Infection control facts for educators


The number of days absent

related to asthma per year1


The decrease in absenteeism when CO2 levels

are at recommended levels2

Bacteria colonies

Can be responsible for bad smells and

odors in school locker rooms3

42 Years

The age of the average

school building in America4

Increase staff and energy efficiency

How illumiPure products benefit facility managers and administrators

After the COVID-19 pandemic, students and parents have placed increased importance on the indoor environment, adding another task for facilities managers.

To efficiently run an infection control program without breaking the bank, facilities managers need a system that can quickly provide them with essential information and automatically adjust to eliminate pathogens and allergens.

Vertices AQS allows for IAQ measurement in every school in your district from your phone and mobile app. Set conditions that will automatically enable Air Guardian and CleanWhite to create a Healthy Building in an energy-efficient way. 

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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