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The Healthy Buildings Company

Improving health, wellness, and productivity in indoor environments where you live, work, and play.

illumiPure has developed the world’s first automated suite of healthy buildings solutions to monitor, report, and rectify environmental problems in any indoor space.


Works around the clock to disinfect the air and surfaces to reduce levels of microbes and pathogens.


Patented proven technologies protect and disinfect spaces while patients and staff are present.

Low Maintenance

Our filtration fixtures provide precision protective airflow with minimal system and staff maintenance need.

Industries we serve



Assisted Living





Science-backed and
real-world proven

illumiPure’s healthy building suite uses technologies proven by decades of scientific research and 3rd part testing to safely and continuously provide purification and disinfection in our most at-risk public spaces.

We share your passion in protecting the most
vulnerable spaces

illumiPure is dedicated to developing healthy building products and equipment that elevate the safety of public spaces and protects lives.

The WELL Building Standard

illumiPure products contribute towards earning points required pursuing WELL Certification and many others, satisfying the following features:

A01 Air Quality
A03 Ventilation Design
A05 Enhanced Air Quality
A06 Enhanced Ventilation Design
A12 Air Filtration 
A13 Enhanced Supply Air

News & insights

Keep up with the latest news and breakthroughs in healthy building technology

5 Effective Ways to Enhance Air Quality for Free

As advocates for healthier indoor environments, we are committed to helping you achieve optimal air quality in every indoor setting. Delving into the realm of air quality improvement beyond the realm of air purifiers can be perplexing. In specific scenarios, such as within office spaces, recognizing subpar air quality might be apparent, even if you’re not directly responsible. In this article, we will elucidate a selection of cost-free strategies that anyone can adopt to kickstart the journey toward breathing cleaner and healthier air.

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