Purification through illumination

Destroy surface and air pathogens. Safely. Continuously.

Continuous disinfection solution designed for public spaces, proven to kill >99% of pathogens

illumiPure’s patented Air Guardian™ solution provides continuous and powerful disinfection to safely eradicate surface and air pathogens, as well as viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, while continuously ventilating the room so purified air is constantly being recycled and regenerated.



Works around the clock to disinfect the air and surfaces to reduce levels of microbes and pathogens.



Patented proven technologies protect and disinfect spaces while patients and staff are present.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our filtration fixtures provide precision protective airflow with minimal need for system and staff maintenance.

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Senior Care


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Science-backed and real-world proven

Air Guardian’s patented LED broad spectrum technology and fast, high power UVA/UVC disinfection safely and continuously purifies indoor air in our most at-risk public spaces.

We share your passion in protecting the most vulnerable spaces

illumiPure is dedicated to developing the world’s premier air purification technology and equipment that elevates the safety of public spaces and protects lives.

The WELL Building Standard

Air Guardian contributes towards earning points required pursuing WELL Certification, satisfying the following features:

A01 Air Quality
A03 Ventilation Design
A05 Enhanced Air Quality
A06 Enhanced Ventilation Design
A12 Air Filtration 
A13 Enhanced Supply Air

News & Insights

Keep up with the latest news and breakthroughs in air and surface purification technology.

Air Guardian to be installed at Fresno Community Centers & Fire Stations

illumiPure's industry-leading air purification system, Air Guardian, has been selected as the air purification to

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In the COVID era, disinfecting visible light is ready, capable and relevant.

For a decade, scientists have studied the application of visible blue light for disinfection.By 2016,

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The role of centralized HVAC solutions in room based disinfection and infection control

In a July 6th, 2020 “invited commentary” in Clinical Infectious Diseases[1], 239 scientists urged the

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