The hospitality industry brings people together for a shared experience and a great time, creating distinct challenges for business owners that want to reduce the risk of disease transmission in their venue. 

illumiPure products help protect the front and back of house with dynamic solutions for air purification and surface disinfection.

Create crowds of customers by creating a Healthy Building with illumiPure products


Achieve the highest food, staff, and customer safety levels by providing continuous surface and air disinfection


Ensure every guest has the freshest room available with air quality monitoring alongside air and surface disinfection

Entertainment Venues

From crowds of a thousand to a hundred thousand, help protect your clients by providing air and surface disinfection for your facility

Serve up a slice of health

illumiPure products for restaurants

Experienced restaurant owners know it takes more than quality food to succeed in the restaurant industry; it takes a complete experience. Today, customer comfort is a part of that experience and that means providing a restaurant with a clean kitchen and dining room.

The illumiPure product starts by monitoring your venue to automatically alert you if something new has entered your environment, including allergens, pathogens, or consistent fumes in the kitchen.

Then, the rest of the illumiPure suite activates to clean the environment by disinfecting air and surfaces. Air Guardian and CleanWhite can be used manually or paired with Vertices AQS, illumiPure’s air quality monitoring system, to automate device usage.

Let every guest wake up to a fresh start

Create a healthy hotel with the illumiPure suite

To deliver a complete hotel experience, you need amenities that other brands can’t compete with. Using the illumiPure suite of products, treat them to a level of cleanliness they’ve never experienced before. 

When guests arrive, they will enjoy in-room air purification and surface disinfection, giving them peace of mind that everything, visible and invisible, has been cleaned between them and the previous guest. By monitoring the air quality in the room, you can see before your guests if something is wrong, such as temperature and humidity, and know if a patron is doing something which is likely breaking hotel policy.

In communal areas, such as the breakfast area, lobby, or gym, use illumiPure products to help prevent the spread of the disease between patrons, and use disinfecting light to help ensure that surfaces, such as tables and gym chairs, are disinfected from one guest to the next, without having to use your hotel staff. 

Let your staff focus on catering to your patrons by using Vertices AQS to automate the disinfection and purification process.

Infection control facts for the hospitality industry


The percentage of restaurant health outbreaks caused

by infected food workers1

Festival Flu

Is a special term used for being sick after concerts

or other crowded events2

3-4 times

The amount of PM 10 found in a restaurant

over EPA standards3

5 years

The amount of time it takes new carpet

to off-gas all VOCs4

Shout out safely

illumiPure products for event centers, stadiums, and arenas

Superspreader events are when hundreds of people get sick from one event, a reputation you don’t want your venue to be known for.

Using the illumiPure suite of products, maximize safety measurements for your guests by purifying the air and disinfecting surfaces. Monitor the quality to ensure that your attendees are not overexposed to VOCs or particulate matter from special effects.

Most importantly, help reduce the risk of a sick attendee infecting hundreds of other people by taking the best step possible to increase infection control at your facility.

Plus, for your suite guests, illumiPure products provide a level of control never before imagined in suite quality and client comfort. Provide suite owners information on allergens and room conditions so they know when their suite is perfect upon arrival. 

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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