The illumiPartner Program

Grow your businesses by adding healthy buildings technology to your offerings, guided by industry professionals invested in your success. 

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illumiPure is the only company to provide your business with a complete healthy buildings suite. Take advantage of illumiPure's full indoor environmental monitoring and disinfection products by becoming an illumiPartner today.

Profitable Partnerships

Our goal is to provide our partners with the tools and strategy to expand their business. This means transparency, providing quality products, and a high speed of service. illumiPartners receive weekly updated and bi-weekly training.

Industry Leading Technology

Our products and technologies represent the premiere suite of healthy building products. Whether your are interesting in environmental monitoring, disinfection, or lighting, illumiPure has  All illumiPure products are American-made, and 3rd party tested.

Full Manufacturer Support

Every illumiPartner has a personal account manager to help assist in their daily sales goal of illumiPure products. High levels of communication ensure your success in the illumiPartner program to help your Healthy Buildings sales grow.

Learn Healthy Buildings From The Best

Create Indoor Spaces that Improve Health, Wellbeing, and Productivity

The foundation of the illumiPure product suite is to create indoor environments that foster health and wellness. It turns out that when you do that, productivity increases as well.

Understanding how to evaluate building health problems, such as sick building syndrome, and how to create a healthy building establishes illumiPartners as a staple of any LEED, Well Building, or Fitwell team. 

illumiPartners receive weekly updates from illumiPure, bi-weekly training on new products and industry information, and one-on-one training from our business development and science teams when requested.

Products That Match Your Customers' Needs

Air Purification, Surface Disinfection, Monitoring, and Controls

In 2020, COVID-19 changed the work environment forever. 

Employees now demand a healthy place to work, and your customers can take advantage of this trend when they install illumiPure products in their facilities.

illumiPure products will allow your customers to market their facilities to the best candidates, while showing current employees how much ownership values their health and wellness. 

By becoming an illumiPartner, your business gains the ability to offer innovative healthy building products with long lifetime warranties.

Products and Partnerships that Last a Lifetime

Do business with people you know, like, and trust

illumiPure products LED boards are warrantied for 30,000 hours, but the relationships with illumiPartners last even longer than that.

As a company developed with engineering, manufacturing, production, logistics, and marketing in house, partnership doesn’t just come with products, it comes with a team of professionals there to help and support your business along the way.

Help Provide the World with Indoor Air Quality and Healthy Buildings

When you become an illumiPartner, you show your commitment to making the world a better place by providing
healthy indoor spaces to your community. Whether that community is local, regional, or national,
everyone has to work together to ensure the world has clean indoor spaces to live, work and, play.

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