The Science of Healthy Building

Your building represents the first line of defense against pathogens, dust, mold, and other invisible threats. Making smart choices today can improve the safety, health, and productivity of your building’s occupants.

illumiPure is rooted in the healthy building movement, designing science-backed and 3rd party tested products that meet at the nexus of public health and sustainable design.

Science-backed and 3rd party tested solutions that protect
where people spend 90% of their time.

Healthy Buildings

Decades of research have shown us the conditions where humans thrive. Learn how to turn any building into a healthy building.

Monitoring and Measurement

Measuring KPIs is the best way to decide your building’s health. We make it easy to learn and understand the vital statistics you need to know.

Air Quality

Our team of scientists, designers, and researchers will ensure you know the right way to deliver pathogen-free, high quality indoor air.

Surface Disinfection

Occupants deserve clean air and surfaces. Learn how to remove surface threats through safe and continuous processes.

How to make a healthy building

The Intersection of Public Health and Energy Conservation

Humans spend 90% of their time indoors. Similarly, most companies spend 70-90% of their overhead on employees. Healthy building is an extension of the LEED movement to make spaces that are not just energy efficient but also optimal for occupation.

The great news is that any building can be made into a healthy building with a little effort. Long gone are the days when only new buildings could be healthy. 

illumiPure stands at the epicenter of the healthy buildings movement by making safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient products across almost all the foundations of healthy building.

Monitoring and Meaurement

The start of a Healthy Home and Workspace

No one can decide if they live or work in a healthy building without having the tools on hand to measure the KPIs that lead to fewer absences and increased productivity. 

Measuring and monitoring start by understanding what enters your building, where it comes from, and what conditions in the outdoor environment lead to a poor indoor environment. From there, providing localized measurements for critical spaces will clearly show your healthy building plan’s effectiveness.

Measuring and monitoring equipment, like Vertices AQS, will also show the effectiveness of healthy building interventions, such as cleaning HVAC equipment or an air purification system like Air Guardian.

Air Purification

The backbone of a healthy building

Almost every employee and employer has experienced a workspace where the environment was a distraction. We all implicitly know that having clean air is important to our health, productivity, and performance.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a slew of untested air purification devices that promoted hygiene theatre. illumiPure’s leadership team took a different approach, leveling decades of research on disease mitigation with modern, 3rd party empirical testing to create air disinfection and purification devices that place human health and wellness first.

Let us show you how to create high indoor air quality for your healthy building.

Surface Disinfection

Where illumination and purification meet

Clean surfaces can contribute to increased occupant health and fewer odors. Historically, indoor spaces have kept their surfaces disinfected through the use of chemical cleaners. For a healthy building, minimizing the use of chemical cleaners is important because they leave behind VOCs.

Recently, light-based technologies have been used to minimize chemical cleaning. Still, these technologies have failed to meet the healthy building standard by either being unsafe for occupants or providing them with a suboptimal working environment. 

illumiPure has revolutionized light-based disinfection by providing the only visible white light LED disinfection fixture that is 100% safe for occupant use, CleanWhite.

Not only does CleanWhite eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, but our research team has removed wavelengths of light that causes eye strain and damage produce and dairy.

Science-backed and
real-world proven products

The illumiPure product suite has been expertly engineered to disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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