illumiPure awarded worldwide patent for CleanWhite technology

On March 15th, illumiPure was officially awarded its worldwide patent on CleanWhite technology, promoting safety through light-based disinfection in medical, educational, and commercial environments for years to come. CleanWhite is illumiPure’s surface disinfecting ultra-safe white light that eliminates up to 99.9% of pathogens and other microbes on surfaces. Historically, antimicrobial light in the visible spectrum […]

In the COVID era, disinfecting visible light is ready, capable and relevant.

For a decade, scientists have studied the application of visible blue light for disinfection. By 2016, blue light disinfection was in its commercial infancy. Although it’s disinfection properties could be validated in laboratory studies, blue light devices had functional problems. First, the wavelengths that blue light disinfects at needed to be precisely spiked, which early […]