illumiPure Products Endorsed by Large Vietnamese Bakery

Sun Do Foods Corporation, a leading business for bakery production in Vietnam, officially endorsed illumiPure’s Air Guardian and CleanWhite products after clinical and scientific trials at their facilities.

Sundo Do Foods (SDF), in collaboration with illumiPure, renovated a portion of their primary baking facility with Air Guardian, illumiPure’s patented air purification device, and CleanWhite, illumiPure’s patented 100% white light disinfection fixtures, to test if they provided enhanced disinfection capabilities over traditional cleaning agents.

“Even though I am no longer surprised, I am always impressed by the results of our clinical trials,” said illumiPure CEO John Higgins. “Our products have been validated, in several industries, but every day, we find more use cases for them”.

For SDF, their goal was to continue to increase their already rigorous food safety procedures without adding burden on their staff. Swab tests from their laboratories showed that CleanWhite successfully eliminated common foodborne illnesses after exposure to light.

Their testing also showed that Air Guardian provided a healthier environment for their food and their employees. 

As a result of adding illumiPure products to their manufacturing facilities, SDF has been able to increase their production times, with illumiPure’s CleanWhite allowing more time between deeper cleaning periods. As a result, SDF is able to make more baked goods than ever for its customers.

As an added benefit, CleanWhite does not use any 450 nm light, which helps keep produce, diary, and baked goods fresher longer.

If you work in a grocery store, bakery, restaurant, or any other food service business, please contact us to see how the illumiPure Healthy Buildings Suite can add to your employee and health and your business’s bottom line. 

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