illumiPure executives visit Washington D.C. to talk small business, CHIPS, and local representation.

Earlier this week, illumiPure executives headed to Washington D.C. to have a series of meetings with members of Congress, Senators, and the Department of Commerce, on the CHIPS & Science Act, small business representation and Made in the U.S.A policies.

“As an American business that works to find trade partners with other companies headquartered in America, we need to make sure that our government provides the framework for local businesses to succeed,” said COO Mark Sam.

A total of three meetings were conducted with Senator Cornyn’s office, Chairwoman Velazquez’s office, and the CHIPS programs office with the Department of Commerce. All three sessions were productive, with scheduled follow-ups to help local businesses benefit from the CHIPS act and small business policy.

Mr. Higgins, illumiPure’s CEO, spoke further about the importance of the CHIPS Act and how local businesses play an essential role in the success of bringing semiconductor production. “For the past two decades, I’ve worked with businesses in America who have been successful at making LEDs, but American production continues to struggle. When you look at other countries that are successful at semiconductors and LED production, they have infrastructure and communities that support these services. We must build those elements locally if America is going to be successful at not being dependent on other countries, and right now, that starts with the CHIPS Act.”

The executive team plans to continue their trips to Washington D.C. through the end of this year and next session to continue this agenda.

Semiconductors and LEDs are essential components of illumiPure’s success. Air Guardian, illumiPure’s patented air purification solution, uses UV-C and UV-A LEDs to eliminate pathogens and create photo-catalytic oxidation. CleanWhite, a light fixture that continuously disinfects surfaces, also uses LEDs finely tuned to a specific wavelength to eliminate pathogens and penetrate biofilms.

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